Flow Cytometry Microspheres

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Project Description

Our flow cytometry calibration microspheres have great fluorescence intensity and a wide emission spectrum in multi-channel (FITC, PE, PE-Cy5), which is ideal material used to monitor routine calibration of flow cytometer.

Our perfect microsphere counting technology and homogeneous internal dyeing process ensure the test results by the flow cytometer are highly reliable.Our flow cytometry calibration polystyrene microspheres used extensively for QC and long term performance tracking of flow cytometer. They can also be used for routine alignment and calibration in fluorescence and confocal fluorescence microscopy.

Flow Cytometry Microspheres


  • Monitor routine calibration of flow cytometer
  • Routine alignment and calibration in fluorescence and confocal fluorescence microscopy

Product List

Matrix: Fluorescent polystyrene microspheres
Appearance: Highlight Green Fluorescence or red fluorescene
Functional Groups: -COOH
Density: 1.05g /cm3
Refractive Index: [email protected](25℃)
Concentration: 50000 particles/ml ± 5%
Package: 10ml



Avoid Light

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